North American River Width Data Set (NARWidth)

Updated: January 25, 2015

Data Download

NARWidth is available for download as a single compressed ESRI shapefile or as segmented 4~6 lat long tiles individually available for download in the Download by Tile section below. Additionally, the 4~6 lat long tiles contain CSV-formatted tables.

Download by Tile

Click on the image below to download individual tiles. Blue labels denote the NARWidth tile index.

indexMap NU15 NU16 NU17 NU18 NU19 NU20 NU21 NU27 NT10 NT12 NT15 NT16 NT17 NT19 NT27 NS10 NS11 NS12 NS13 NS14 NS15 NS16 NS17 NS18 NS26 NS27 NR03 NR04 NR05 NR06 NR07 NR09 NR10 NR11 NR12 NR13 NR14 NR15 NR16 NR17 NR18 NR19 NR21 NR22 NR26 NR27 NQ03 NQ04 NQ05 NQ06 NQ07 NQ08 NQ09 NQ10 NQ11 NQ12 NQ13 NQ14 NQ15 NQ16 NQ17 NQ18 NQ19 NQ20 NQ22 NP03 NP04 NP05 NP06 NP07 NP08 NP09 NP10 NP11 NP12 NP13 NP14 NP15 NP17 NP18 NP19 NP20 NP22 NP23 NO03 NO04 NO05 NO07 NO08 NO09 NO10 NO11 NO12 NO13 NO14 NO15 NO16 NO17 NO18 NO19 NO20 NN03 NN04 NN09 NN10 NN11 NN12 NN13 NN14 NN15 NN16 NN17 NN18 NN19 NN20 NN21 NM09 NM10 NM11 NM12 NM13 NM14 NM15 NM16 NM17 NM18 NM19 NM20 NM21 NL10 NL11 NL12 NL13 NL14 NL15 NL16 NL17 NL18 NL19 NL20 NL21 NL22 NK10 NK11 NK12 NK13 NK14 NK15 NK16 NK17 NK18 NK19 NK20 NJ10 NJ11 NJ12 NJ13 NJ14 NJ15 NJ16 NJ17 NJ18 NI11 NI12 NI13 NI14 NI15 NI16 NI17 NI18 NH11 NH12 NH13 NH14 NH15 NH16 NH17 NG12 NG13 NG14 NG17 NF13 NF14 NF17 NF18 NE13 NE14 NE15 NE16 NE18 NE19 NE20 ND14 ND15 ND16 ND17 NC16 NC17 NB17

Bulk Download

Download NARWidth as a single ESRI shapefile. This is a large file (~300MB) so your patience may be required.

Click here to download the enitre NARWidth Shapefile.


We ask any users to cite this data in any published material produced using this data, and if possible link web pages to the NARWidth website ( If NARWidth becomes a substantial part of your work, please consider adding the data set developers as coauthors. The creators of this data set retain full ownership rights over it. The data set may be freely used for non-commerical scientific and educational purposes, provided it is described as the NARWidth Data Set and attributed to:

Allen, G. H., Pavelsky T.M., (2015), Patterns of river width and surface area newly revealed by the satellite-derived North American River Width data set. Geophysical Research Letters. doi: 10.1002/2014GL062764